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Turn User Feedback into Your Competitive Edge

Harness the power of user feedback to drive innovation. Listen, analyze, and implement impactful solutions that keep your product ahead of the curve.
Listen to Feedback

Listen to Feedback

Identify Patterns

Identify Patterns

Brainstorm and develop

Brainstorm and develop

Implement and Iterate

Implement and Iterate

Understand customer pain points, build solutions, test with users, and iterate. Aim for rapid 2% improvements each cycle. Faster iteration leads to significant growth over time. Make rapid iteration a top priority.

Sam Altman

Sam Altman

Co-founder of OpenAI

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Experience a user-centric approach that empowers every team to innovate and excel, driving continuous improvement and success.
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Design and Embed Widgets

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Start Listening for Feedbacks

Listen to your customers and improve your product with ease.


When I try to post a comment on my friend's photo, the app freezes and crashes every time. It's really frustrating because I have to restart the app, and my comment doesn't get posted... Read More

The app crashes when posting comments and occasionally fails to display notifications, requiring urgent bug fixes.

AI Summarization

Summarize feedbacks and get insights to improve your product.

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You don't need to be an expert to customize this widget. Our code is very readable and well documented.
With mobile, tablet & desktop support it doesn't matter what device you're using. This widget is responsive in all browsers.
Customer support
Our Widgets are supported by sponsors who provide community support. Sponsors will get email support on weekdays.
Cross browser
We make sure our Widgets are working perfectly with all modern browsers available such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
Clean code
We strictly follow a set of guidelines along with unit tests to make sure your implementation as easy as possible.
Well Maintained
This template is actively maintained by our core widget team. We are working on fixing any issues reported.
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  • 1 widget
  • Fully customizable widget
  • Up to 50 responses
  • Basic analytics
  • 48-hour support response time
  • Team size limited to 1


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Billed $189 yearly Save $51/y

  • 10 widget
  • Fully customizable widget
  • Up to 1,000 response
  • Advanced analytics
  • Priority support
  • Team size limited to 5



Billed $288 yearly Save $72/y

  • Unlimited widget
  • Fully customizable widget
  • Up to 5,000 response
  • Advanced analytics
  • Priority support
  • Team size limited to 15



  • Unlimited widget
  • Fully customizable widget
  • More than 5,000 response
  • Advanced analytics
  • Priority support
  • More than 15 in team size

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