15 Best User Feedback Tools of 2024


Customer feedback is the lifeblood of any successful business. It provides valuable insights, helps identify areas for improvement, and guides product development. In the dynamic landscape of 2024, having the right feedback tools such as Saylo is crucial for staying ahead.

Let's explore the 15 best in-app user feedback tools of 2024 that empower businesses to listen, analyze, and act on customer sentiments.

Categories of Customer Feedback Tools:

A. Survey and Form Builders

These feedback tools specialize in creating easy-to-use surveys and forms for gathering customized feedback. Saylo stands out with its customizable platform, allowing businesses to tailor the feedback process to their needs.

Recommended User Feedback Tool:

Saylo - A Powerful Tool for Business Growth:

Saylo is a powerful user feedback tool designed to help businesses gain a competitive edge by understanding their users’ needs and transforming their insights into real-world growth. Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of an enterprise team, Saylo provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for collecting and analyzing feedback.

Key Features of Saylo:

  1. Customizable Platform: Customize feedback collection easily with Saylo's simple code.
  2. Responsive Design: Enjoy a smooth experience on any device with Saylo's design.
  3. Real-time Feedback Collection: Gather insights instantly from surveys, prompts, and social media with Saylo.
  4. Sentiment Analysis: Understand user feelings better with Saylo's advanced analysis.
  5. Customizable Surveys: Tailor surveys to your brand and needs with Saylo's options.
  6. Integration Capabilities: Connect Saylo effortlessly with other tools for smoother workflows.
  7. Multilingual Support: Let users give feedback in any language, analyzed globally.

Other features include: Multilingual Feedback Support, Customizable Notifications, Visual Trend Analysis, CRM System Integration, Engagement Incentives and Embedded Feedback Widgets.

  • Typeform Known for its engaging forms and surveys, Typeform offers a visually appealing and interactive experience for respondents. Its conversational interface guides users through questions, making it ideal for collecting feedback, conducting quizzes, or creating order forms.

  • SurveyMonkey A versatile tool that allows users to create surveys, quizzes, and polls. It provides robust analytics, including customizable reports and trend analysis. SurveyMonkey is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

  • Zonka Feedback Zonka excels in multi-channel feedback collection. It supports various touchpoints, such as web forms, mobile apps, SMS, and on-premise devices (like kiosks). The platform aggregates data for a holistic view of customer sentiments.

  • SurveySparrow This tool focuses on conversational surveys. It uses chat-like interfaces to engage respondents, resulting in higher completion rates. SurveySparrow also offers features like skip logic and personalized follow-up questions.

Starting Price: Varies (e.g., Typeform starts at $25 per month)

B. Advanced Data Collection and Workflow Automation

These tools go beyond basic forms. They provide features like conditional logic, data validation, and integrations with other systems. Workflow automation ensures that collected data triggers specific actions or processes within your organization. These tools are ideal for getting user feedback and getting customer feedback.


  • Jotform Jotform is a versatile form builder with extensive customization options. It allows users to create complex forms, collect data, and automate workflows. It integrates seamlessly with other tools, making it suitable for businesses seeking automation and looking for a reliable customer satisfaction survey tool.

  • Formstack Formstack combines form building with workflow automation. It’s ideal for creating dynamic forms, managing submissions, and streamlining processes. Features include e-signatures, approvals, and integrations. It's perfect for organizations aiming to gather feedback and enhance the customer experience.

Starting Price: Varies (e.g., Jotform starts at $39 per month)

Why Choose:

  • Jotform: Simplifies form creation and integrates seamlessly with other tools, making it efficient for getting user feedback.
  • Formstack: Streamlines data management and integrates with other systems, ensuring effective customer feedback collection.

C. Free and Easy-to-Use Options:

These tools are available to everyone for free. They are easy to use and don't need much setup. While they don't have fancy features, they work well for quickly collecting feedback.


  • Google Forms It's a simple and free tool that works with Google Workspace. You can make basic surveys, questionnaires, and event sign-ups. It's good for getting customer feedback fast.

Starting Price: Free

Why Choose:

  • Google Forms: It's an easy way to collect feedback quickly.

D. In-Depth Feedback and Sentiment Analysis:

These tools help businesses understand how users feel. They gather feedback in a detailed way, letting businesses learn more about customer experiences. Sentiment analysis helps find positive, negative, or neutral feelings.


  • Qualaroo It's focused on learning about user behavior and preferences using short surveys. Sentiment analysis helps find problems and ways to improve.

  • Qualtrics This is a big platform with strong analytics. It's good for making complex surveys, like finding what customers like best or least. It's great for big feedback projects.

Starting Price: Varies (e.g., Qualaroo starts at $39.99 per month)

Why Choose:

  • Qualaroo: It dives deep into user insights to help businesses adjust their offerings.
  • Qualtrics: It's powerful for big feedback projects.

E. Specialized Tools:

These tools are made for specific needs. For example, AskNicely focuses on Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, while InMoment combines feedback with predictive analytics. They deal with specific parts of customer feedback.


  • AskNicely Concentrates on NPS surveys, measuring customer loyalty and identifying promoters, passives, and detractors. Real-time alerts help address issues quickly.

  • InMoment Combines feedback with predictive analytics, capturing customer emotions, identifying trends, and predicting future behavior. It's useful for understanding the whole customer journey.

Starting Price: Contact their team for pricing.

Why Choose:

  • AskNicely: Makes NPS tracking simple and drives improvements.
  • InMoment: Goes beyond feedback to improve overall experiences.

F. Website Analytics and User Behavior Insights:

These tools show how users interact with websites or apps. Heatmaps, session recordings, and behavior tracking help find issues, improve user experiences, and make websites better.


  • Hotjar Provides heatmaps, session recordings, and user behavior analytics. It helps see how users interact with websites, find problems, and make improvements.

  • UserReport Offers advanced analytics and customer journey mapping, providing detailed insights into user behavior and experiences.

Starting Price: Varies

Why Choose:

  • Hotjar: Shows user interactions, making website optimization easier.
  • UserReport: Offers a holistic view of user interactions.

G. Knowledge Base and Support Solutions:

These tools extend beyond feedback collection. They include knowledge base software, self-service

portals, and support solutions. Businesses can use them to provide helpful information to users and streamline customer support.


  • ProProfs Beyond feedback, ProProfs offers knowledge base software and training solutions. It’s useful for customer support, employee training, and self-service portals.

Starting Price: $79 per month

Why Choose:

  • ProProfs: Ensures your team is well-equipped to handle customer inquiries.

H. Targeted and Personalized Campaigns:

These tools allow businesses to tailor feedback campaigns. By segmenting audiences and personalizing surveys, companies can gather specific insights. Whether it’s post-purchase feedback or post-support interactions, targeted campaigns yield valuable data.


  • Survicate Survicate enables specific insights by tailoring surveys to audience segments. It’s valuable for personalized feedback campaigns, such as post-purchase or post-support interactions.

Starting Price: Varies

Why Choose:

  • Survicate: Valuable for personalized feedback campaigns.

Remember, the choice of tool depends on your organization’s goals, budget, and specific requirements. Each category serves a distinct purpose, so explore and select accordingly!

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